Sunday, 25 June 2017

When people come to believe that you are “full of it”, unfortunately, they are probably right.

Of course, in the mating game, a young man has to be careful about trusting a woman, at least until she gives him what he wants. And even then he has to be careful, in case she turns round & bites his head off.

Be mindful of what you could turn yourself into, as, for whatever it is, it might not be a very nice thing to see.

Anything man does not understand he naturally makes fun of…which is at least an acceptable alternative to cold-blooded murder.

Religion is a lifebuoy in the stormy sea of confusion, & if you throw someone a lifebuoy in such a whether he’ll cling on to it for dear life.

Dying should be as easy as being strung up in a noose; any easier, and a person won’t know what he’s living for.

Arsehole: a person out of place in his element doing his own thing (usually in a public place) regardless of the consequences.

It’s sometimes easy to miss the obvious since it’s not what is being looked for. But once perceived becomes much more obvious than that.

For excellence, there is nothing better than its pursuit. But better hope never to catch up with it, for then there is nowhere else to go.

To be accepted by academia you’ve got to put in enough years of hard work to produce work so boring it would freeze the nuts off a randy old goat in the high Karakorum.

A “man of means” shouldn’t bandy words with someone who has nothing to lose, as he’ll just pick up the display plinth the fellow has been posing on and hit him with it.

Most problems can be solved just by thinking about it…and the ones that can’t never will.

People measure each other’s actions by their own degree of “selfishness”, which could put those who don’t do so too well at a distinct disadvantage.

Constantly banging your head against a wall trying to find a solution to a problem suggests that the solution may entail stopping constantly banging your head against a wall trying to find a solution.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

In my lighter moments I sometimes feel people pass a secret key between one another, secretly, in secret. And what does this secret key unlock? God knows – it’s a secret.

After death, so we are told, comes an afterlife, but what comes after that (to fill the gaping void created by existence), nobody knows.

Most of the insurmountable problems man faces in life are caused by his sheer inability to stop thinking so much about nothing in particular.

In this life, those who have done you some harm you do not have to esteem. This is only just, although it may not be very nice.

The greatest quest in life is the quest for wisdom; although, he would be a fool who thinks he found it.

Urbane. A word I once thought meant one thing, more to do with urbanity but, rather, mean another, more to do with pumping-up one’s amour-propre.

When you fist meet a stranger, firstly, assume he or she wants nothing to do with you, and then, secondly, that if he or she does then you must be useful for something. In any case, extreme caution is advised.

Of course, among men insults over manliness are mandatory, but a broken bottle stops all argument, and especially if you get one in the face.

If a joker wishes to convey nonsense, then, as Thoreau suggests, it must be illogical, as if it isn’t illogical it’s clearly not nonsense.

There can be nothing better to begin a debate with than a true observation of an object of discourse, such as this one for instance.

Knowing they can go barmy over diddlysquat is probably the thing that keeps most people on the straight & narrow; others, it just unhinges.

Everybody’s looking for a teacher, but nobody wants to teach. The ignorant fool!

The animosity directed towards a lazy man from the industrious is like a dart is to a dartboard: pointed and targeted.

One good reason for learning philosophy is to give us a good joke at which to laugh at, or else life would be much too serious to be taken seriously.

The problem with seeing reality as it is, is that, even for the wisest among us, it’s always such a relative experience for everybody.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A private conversation to which you are a witness to suggests that the person talking doesn’t care if you overhear him, and so would probably welcome your input if it were offered.

You can be told all the secrets of the world, but how gullible do you wish to be?

Sometimes, you cannot see what is serious for lack of knowing what to do about it.

Some people are together for one reason, others for another, but what is quite clear is that they’re all together for their own reasons.

It’s an astounding fact probably least known to all those who it best applies to: Those who reject the rejected will only attract more rejects.

Old friends are something which, once you lose them, you never see again.

It is not an infrequent event to see a complete fool in the world, and some of them, if nothing else, can also be very well educated.

A polite joke is a contradiction in terms, or, at least, to its “object” it is, to say nothing of its subject!

Knowledge to the fool opens doors for him; which, basically, is why to him all doors are shut tight.

One constant about being “out on a limb” is that it often seems more appropriate to “jump for it” rather than worm yourself back to safety.

It’s an old conundrum, and often quite amusing: If you need any help in this life, then they’ll hand you “the monkey’s paw”.

Advice from morons is especially pernicious, and educated morons’ especially so. And as for the specialist’s, well, moronic isn’t the correct word for it.

What is the first thing normal people will do about a “madman”? They reject him out of hand, and then harbour an obscene opinion over him for good measure.

In the end a man inevitably has to live with the cards he has dealt himself on the table of life. But, still, he sure doesn’t have to like it.

When you ask a person to do some work you must pay him for it (or at least promise to pay him for it) but that doesn’t mean you must leave a tip.

How often laziness could be swiftly overcome if we were not so intent on doing what we find most comfortable.

A man can get so used to failure that he eventually sits down and does nothing… Then it can be said that he has truly reached his destination.

Pinch: To ingratiate oneself at the expense of another fellow, or, rather (and although one might not know it) to do so at one’s own.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

One thing is certain of failure: the deeper the failure entrenches himself in its mire the less appealing he looks to others who have avoided it.

What is the first prerequisite for being a romantic? Well, in all probability, the capacity to die young while eating one’s words for lunch.

The only problem with a good witch-hunt is that not everybody who’s interested in natural justice can get involved in it.

With all this sanctimonious codswallop these evangelists come up with it’s a wonder they don’t go and join the venerable society of sanctimonious bull shiners, or is that an oxymoron of some kind?

Balancing sanity on a pinhead is something best left for philosophers to ponder over, if, indeed they have the social skills to do it.

One should try not to irritate those in authority too much but not at the cost of being enslaved to it, it would be too much like a marriage.

It’s remarkable how sweet and juicy a good bit of well-timed betrayal feels, especially when it’s totally uncalled for. As an act of personal growth, it can be thoroughly recommended to all normally minded persons.

Greed is an essential ingredient for ambition; or, at least, it whets the appetite for it.

“Friends” have their own agendas. Which roughly means, if you want to be a friend, you should have one too.

Of course, where people are concerned, Niccolò Machiavelli said it all; however, not all that many people know what he was on about.

Some men can just talk and talk and talk, and still say nothing, and during social intercourse many frequently do as a matter of policy.

Sometimes one finds that it is too late to learn something…and that it was a long time coming.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Play is something done in all seriousness only if you already know that those whom you play with know this already, and play the game.

It is not necessary to thank anybody for nothing it’s when he wants to take it back without payment that you have to complain to someone.

There is a general consensus among intellectuals that their ignorance is better than a fool’s knowledge. Happily, though, they can never prove it.

One should be wary of those who come to you at a bad time and make it worse; which is a good reason to ignore most people.

One should be careful of those who run along the street; it is not that they are in a hurry, which is excusable, but that they have nothing better to do than to run to where they are going, and so are already too late to arrive in a more appropriate manner.

It is not always necessary to know where you are, exactly, but it is probably vital to know you’re on the same planet as everybody else, if not on the same plane of existence.

It is a truth that generally remains unrecognised by those who do not have it that advantage stays with those who work for it; anybody else can generally go and do the washing up.

As those in the know know they do not know, what then do those who do not know know, nothing? But, at least, they would know this.

I would not say that great teachers are not good at teaching what they know, only that they definitely do not like their teachings being rejected by those who don’t.

Failure is that personal attribute which enables complete strangers to comment upon the failures and short fallings endemic in the neglect or omission of expected or required action within a failure’s entirely wasted life.

One of life’s greatest fallacies is that when people see a man drowning they’re likely to throw him a lifebelt. They’re more likely to throw him an anchor.

The world wouldn’t be a fair place to live without being able to blame someone or other for one’s troubles, so one would probably deserve all the blame one gets.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Pay no mind to what another man thinks of you, as he has never walked in your shoes and if he hadn’t any of his own he would probably pinch yours as well into the bargain.

As the bonds that bind us tend to grow tighter the more we struggle against them, so why struggle against them, why not go with the flow instead?

What should be watched for is not what men do, but why they do it; and, if they need emulating, well, they’re probably dodgy anyway.

Nobody should want to hang about with somebody who has no interest in what he does or how he reacts, and vice versa also, even though they’re clearly well-suited to one another.

For every person who ever wanted something more, there is another person who went out and got it. This may not be true, but there is only one way to prove it.

Consider your own attitude towards the mentally ill or psychologically deformed, and that is the attitude most of society would have towards you if you became so, which, after all, really isn’t very nice but is probably quite justified.

Men should be prepared to hang their principles from the flagpoles (to blow in the wind), it’s the only way to be certain that they don’t cause too much of a flap.

If he likes to do it anybody who disagrees with people has a head start in a friendly conversation.

It’s impossible to say something foolish or inane without lacking the intelligence to fully understand its true meaning, or at least not until after it’s been said.

Someone who is being criticised generally gets exactly what he deserves: free advice. Attack couched as criticism, though, is the abomination of abominations, but it can still prove quite entertaining.

Arrogance is an indication that one doesn’t know what one is doing; which in turn is a kind of behaviour that is usually closely followed by one’s comeuppance.

Sometimes you’ve got to know when to punch someone in the jaw; and if you’re going to do that then you had better know how to punch someone in the jaw properly: for good and all.

For every freedom earned there’s a smashed hope that goes along with it, just to provide supporting evidence for a general lack of happiness in the world.

Fair weather friends: acquaintances who have got too close to the truth and are blow away by it.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

What can we say of the “artiste” who decides, without further adieu, to “bow out” prematurely Why, we haven’t even got the chance to unceremoniously kick him off the stage for the bald faced cheek of actually turning up in the first place!

Friendships: don’t be fooled by them into doing something foolish about them.

Sometimes what we seek can never be found, but then, conversely, what we’ve found can never be sought, and there must be something instructive in that.

The more good advice you have to remember to get by with the more good advice you tend to forget, until, eventually, the only good advice you need to remember is the good advice you have neglected to discard but cannot forget.

Why accept our limitations? We can have so much more fun believing we can overcome them.

Much immediately applicable social theory can be encapsulated in a very small mind, but it certainly doesn’t always stay there.

Our work as men, so some say, is to grow as human beings, although it seems that most men, after a good while, can only manage to grow sideways.

Whether or not a young man has an idea in his head or not is secondary to whether he knows his place or not, as if he doesn’t then any idea that he has got is bound to be a bad one.

Laziness is simply the inability of a particular individual to do what he should be doing, for himself, what anybody else thinks he should be doing is beside the point (although that opinion can in itself become very pointed).

A teacher is generally someone who knows a lot about his own subject; consequently, he sells only what he owns. However, he does not often tell you what he does not sell, and rarely what he does.

Every life has a story to it, and like all stories every life must end with a full stop. Even if its author is a no account no talent hack with an ego to match.

What characterizes a successful person is tenacity, without it he is somebody else less lucky (although “luck”, in doing what he is successful at, has nothing whatsoever to do with his success).

Does humanity need saving? Possibly only from itself. Which is probably rather a contradiction in terms, and so the question posed must necessarily have been a silly one.

As they say, “It’s better to die on one’s feet than to live on one’s knees.” The trick, then, is in the avoidance of stumbling.

Do not too quickly condemn the man who does nothing all too well, as, after all, he has had much help in doing it, and help from people much like you too.